It is a pure technical challange. I have to edit spoken meditation tracks and compose some soundtrack for them. The customer is a friend of mine and he wants every track also in 432 Hz, because his customers are asking for this. However, instead of converting a 440 Hz Wav, i would prefer to do this directly in Reason so that i do not have any. Hi, how can we convert 440Hz tracks to 432Hz? Can Cubase do it in an accurarte way? Thank you! steve February 24, 2022, 9:19pm #2. If you do a forum search, you will see this has been discussed a lot. Cubase can do it as accurately as all the other functions. Very accurate. The chart below shows how 432 Hz tuning is derived based on Pythagorean harmonic ratios. Multiples of 2 and 3 forms the basis of the chart, and the left column shows all the multiples of 2 as the note C. In the middle, you will see that A=432 Hz. Also of note is the number 108, used in many spiritual traditions as a unifying number. 1. Hello Symbiot, in Absynth go to "Perform" then change the "Transpose" value to -0.320 that will change the overall tuning by -32 cents meaning A=432 Hz. In Reaktor you can change the "Tune" value to 47.68. FabianKo, Feb 1, 2015.

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